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Laniya W. Jun 18, 2015 1172 views

How do i stay focused on my career?

Hello, my name is Laniya from Pennsylvania. In the past, i never knew What i wanted to be when i grow up. I would always pick something, i would later get bored with it. I currently want to be a dancer, but i'm afraid that i'll change it again. I wanted to know how i can stay focused on...

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Indya B. May 12, 2016 532 views

To become a dance therapist should I study special education as well?

Well I am a dancer and doctors say I can never dance professionally so I decided to become a dance therapist. Therefore nothing can stop me from dancing and I can help others considering I was born with deformities as well. Dance has changed my life and I wanna use it to help others just like...

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Olivia F. Jan 16, 2018 309 views

What are some good scholarship apps to download?

Is there any apps for iPhone that help you earn scholarships? #scholarships...


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Bradford C. Mar 16, 2018 302 views

What if I don't get a track scholorship, what's the best way to get college money?

I have to get a track scholarship if I want to pursue my dream of attending a university. I'm worried that if I don't get an athletic scholarship how will I go to college? My parents can't pay for it #scholorship #track...


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Jaycee P. Jul 12, 2019 260 views

What kind of art job should I do?

I want to do some kind of art because I love art and thought about being an art teacher, but I also wanted to do some kind of design engineering and do something like designing logos for companies or something #art...


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Teah P. Aug 09, 2019 168 views
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Xavier R. Aug 21, 2019 195 views

What does my journey look like from a student of culinary arts to becoming a Chef or Head Cook?

I'm a very motivated and determined 24 year old with plenty experience in the work force, aspiring to learn more about the hospitality industry, specifically becoming a Chef or Head Cook. #chef #culinary...


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Jaden M. Sep 06, 2019 155 views

What are the requirements to become a graphic designer?

I am a High School Senior, and I have yet to start the college application process. I am interested in both engineering and graphic design. #graphic-design #art #college...


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Samantha R. Sep 14, 2019 307 views

Need advice-feel zoned out all the time and worried about failing

So, I'm in my 2nd year of college. I almost got suspended semester and I'm ashamed of myself. And I worry it may really happen and I feel so silly. I'd describe my problem as being..zoned out? And I'm not sure how to stop it. I can't even read half the time. I know how to read, but when I try...

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David J. Sep 16, 2019 151 views

what could i do for creative job

i love to create new thing and build things #engineering #life...


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Sherifa I. Oct 16, 2019 155 views

My question is, I'm offering consumer science in the university now and would like to if I can use the certificate to find myself in midwifery

I'm a student of family and consumer science but would like to be in the field of midwifery or would like to know the job opportunities for consumer with the option food and clothing #career #science...


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M G. Oct 18, 2019 177 views

Where can I work as an artist who is still in college but no portfolio yet?

Is it possible to still offer some service to a company without my portfolio and at least get some experience working in or around a game dev. studio? I am stuck between needing to pay the bills and finding a fulfilling career. #video-games #art #video-game-development...