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What is the salary of a business person?

Updated Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Does anyone know how much money business men get paid for. I would like to know if I am interested in becoming a businessman in the near future. #business #businessman

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Cyndi’s Answer

Updated Burlingame, California

You're asking a very general question. There are many types of business and businessmen. Generally anyone who is really good will make more money. So if you pick a business and a role you love, let's say Finance as an example, you are more likely to make good money. Studying Finance and Accounting can be a good foundation to success in business. However, businessmen can manage workers, manage projects, or perform sales. Think about a field that interests you, and then see what kind of business positions are needed. In Pharma, you'd do better having more science/biology knowledge. In Insurance or Financial industries, more Management and Finance knowledge. In Tech, you can span many segments of business positions. Businessmen can make anywhere from 30k to 500k annually, it really depends on so many variables.

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Taylor’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

As Cyndi mentioned, how much money a business person can make can vary quite a bit depending on the position and experience. Some folks even start their own businesses rather than work for others, although most start a business after getting experience first.

I'd recommend reading, and doing some thinking before looking into pay and salary data. A few websites to start getting a sense for what people in business do might be Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN Money, Forbes, SeekingAlpha, etc.

Personally, I spent many hours reading and thinking before I understood what I wanted to do for work.

Taylor recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a list of interests: What excites you from what you've read? Spend a few weeks doing this.
  • Find out what job titles do those things: Start at a place like this website: https://www.thebalance.com/job-titles-4073125
  • See for yourself: Glassdoor.com comes to mind and I'm sure there are others, but find out how much people make doing things you think you might enjoy.
  • Come back with more questions!

Steven’s Answer

Updated Herndon, Virginia

The average salary depends on the particular industry, education,  and the experience of the employee.  Luckily there are websites like glassdoor.com that help with actually salaries individuals are paid at different Organizations.  I would do some web searches on industry and job titles that interest you.  You can also speak with friends, family and other people in your network with different experience to help with salary ranges as well. Remember, the more you can prove your benefit to the prospective employer, the more you are worth. 

Jillian’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

There are online recourses on LinkedIn and glass door where you can look up the salary ranges for various business job titles.  You can even filter to a regional level.