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Can I work in the night shift? What are the benefits i can get? What uniform am I going to get?

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Im a really hard working person and Whatever job I get ill put my hardest on that pocision to get promoted. #job

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Ankush’s Answer



Not sure which field you are referring to in this question.

Talking about networking/network security, every fresher would work in night shifts during the beginning of his/her career based on the location of their work. (For ex. in India, there are night shifts, not sure about US). Especially if you work in support, shift hours are 24*7 and you will work in rotational shifts.

While working in night shifts, you can get good shift allowances as compared to day shifts. Be careful to maintain your health if you work in night shifts, this is very important.

Since I do not know which field you are referring to in this question, I can't comment on "uniform" part.

In IT, there is no uniform as such. You can wear clothes (formals/casuals/business casuals) as per the company policies.

Pratham’s Answer


Working in night shifts is quite a daunting thing. Below are few pros and cons:


1) You get the whole day time available with you.

2) Some companies pay you good shift allowances.

3) Saved from the scorching heat during the day.


1) You body and sleep cycle gets distorted

2) Your health deteriorates.

3) You lack Vitamin D (from the sunlight) in your body.

With regards to the uniform, I am not sure as I am not sure what profession are you talking about.