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What is a busy day in the life of a dental assistance ?

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Maureen’s Answer

I worked in dentistry before changing careers. Everyday is something new, from the patients you see to the types of procedures. Your days will fly by because you will be busy, some days you will have double appointments because of emergencies, or you may need to help the hygienist or receptionist. To help your earning potential and create a more diverse work experience be sure to further your education to get your x-ray licence and expanded function licence. Good luck!

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Joanna’s Answer

I am not a dental assistant, but I do go to the dentist a lot and I have many friends that are dental assistants. I have had dental assistants help with X-rays, cleanings such as polishing and flossing my teeth, helping with handing tools to the dentist and using the suction during procedures. Your day could vary with many different tasks and the patients that are scheduled for that day.