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What are some tips for people starting out in the automotive industry?

I'm a young student trying to get into auto-body work. auto-mechanics

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2 answers

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Omar’s Answer

Hi Nephi, here's a brief on Automotive industry in general:

and you can find here also several career paths into automotive industry:

I hope you can find this answer useful :)

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Nephi,if i can help as a young student i gravitated towards things with motors as a kid .Which lead to building custom 4x4's in my 20's .
I suggest starting small by obtaining a small engine as a tool of education ,learn how to tear it down an see how its built lookup info on it on a computer and once you are able to understand the mechanics of it install on to a go cart or mini bike all i can say is enjoy your youth and learn something that will last a life time