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What career path should I take?

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I don't know what I want to do.I thought I wanted to be an engineer,but I'm really good at language arts.I'm not that great at math but I love science.What do I do?#undecided

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Rachael’s Answer


It can certainly be difficult determining a career path in high school you will stick with for your entire career. I would highly recommend taking a career assessment to determine which fields might possibly suit you. You know yourself best so take the results with a grain of salt. If you truly don't think you'd be interested in pursuing one of the results, then don't include it! I think it's important to consider your values and field interests first and foremost because this will guide you in your career.

Once you determine some areas of interest I would suggest finding someone within the field to inquiry with/interview in order to get a first-hand perspective of what that line of work is like. You can start with your network (family, friends, relatives, etc.). If someone in your network in not within the field of interest, perhaps someone in their network is. If you are interested after speaking with them I would suggest you ask to shadow within that field in order to get an idea of the day to day is like.

Your first year of college mainly consists of introductory courses which should give you a taste of what the field is like. It's not until later in your college career when you're in the more detailed courses I think you have the idea it might not be for you. Choosing a major which can set you up with a foundation is a very important part. There's nothing wrong in pivoting from that but at least it gets you started.

That said, a major can have many different career paths. I think an internship would be extremely beneficial for you to aid in determining which application of that major you want to pursue. Perhaps the day to day operation of one does not interest you, but that doesn't necessarily mean the major altogether isn't for you. I would stress completing as many internships in different positions as you can to pinpoint which career path you want to pursue.