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What is a good place to work?

I am interested in playing Roblox (playing video games)


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2 answers

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Josh’s Answer

If you enjoy playing video games, then you might want to think about a career doing things with computers. I find that writing code is fun for me in a lot of the same ways as playing games, and you already know that you're ok working at a computer for hours!

You can even try and get a job working for a company that makes games, though with how popular gaming is, they tend to be harder jobs to get.

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Keri’s Answer

Someone likes playing games can definitely pursue an engineering/coding job or work at one of the gaming companies. However, traits that come along with gaming include the following: problem solving, patience, team work and collaboration, pursues challenges, amongst many others. This opens up a host of many careers that need people who have these attributes.

Keri recommends the following next steps:

Consider what aspects of "gaming" that are really enjoyable to you. Map those to different types of roles/careers. Talk to others who like playing games and hear about their jobs/careers.