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how do i go to school for agriculture

i like agriculture and i want to open up my own greenhouse or i would like to become a DNR officer #agriculture

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3 answers

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Emmanuel’s Answer

Hello Ethan,

It's great to know about your interest in agribusiness. Do keep it alive.

Greenhouse agriculture is quite technical and I suppose you would be needing an indepth knowledge about it's practice before venturing into it.

Basically, you can kick start your enterprise by learning about the Global Good Agricultural Practice that ensures sustainable production. This you can access by getting a degree in agriculture or acquiring an online certification in agribusiness management as well as attending symposium that brings agribusiness practitioners and enthusiasts (like yourself) together in a room.

Likewise, I will advice that you volunteer or intern at any greenhouse outfit in your community as well as maintain a garden of your own in your yard.

You can search for Aero Farms (US) and Naturefresh Farms (Canada) online. Follow their updates for necessary tips on innovative ideas engaged in production and you could also avail yourself of their community outreach program which comes up from time to time.

Do keep the interest alive and grow your passion into the enterprise of your dream.


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Brittany’s Answer

There are many options out there for good Agricultural Schools. I am nearly finished with my degree at Oregon State, and I am looking at continuing my education in Agricultural Engineering or Horticulture at Ohio State. Cornell University is ranked #1 in agriculture, horticulture and agricultural engineering (I don't want to live in New York state though). But if that is an option for you it would be an excellent choice. California University at Davis (CU Davis) is in the top 3 for agricultural sciences in the world- a really awesome choice especially if you want to learn more about GMOs. That being said, I have been given excellent opportunities with Oregon State. I am looking forward to my experience at Ohio State. Both of these schools have amazing online programs as well (Ohio is ranked #1 in the nation for online degrees, and Oregon State is ranked #5). Agriculture is a very cool and exciting field. Also, if you are interested the University of Arizona has a really cool Controlled Environment Agriculture Program (indoor vertical farming)- if I remember correctly, they do the research in Antarctica and the research for the ISS (international space station). Good Luck.

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Angelberto’s Answer

Hi. Michigan State University has a bachelor's degree in Agriculture food and natural resources. I suggest be a volunteer in organic farms around the world, Woofer could be one of many options.