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how old you have to be help in the zoo?

i want to help animals and i want to save the animals #animals

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2 answers

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Steve’s Answer

It will depend on the zoo but typically to begin working in a zoo you start volunteering and this can be done as early as 10 years old in some states. It will also depend on where you want to work in the zoo as there are many different programs and career opportunities within a zoo. This ranges from event coordinators, human resources, tour guide etc. The older you are the more responsibilities and projects you can take on. Typically if you want to work with animals in a paid position it will require college course work in zoology to start. However if you start volunteering, the younger the better your chances of getting a paid job working with animals is greatly improved. I will warn you this field is extremely competitive and is why I recommend volunteering if you can to get your foot in the door.

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Ricardo’s Answer

There are many ways to help in a zoo and many volunteer programs, so it depends on each institution. Zoo depends on how many people visits, because its really expensive to maintain all the animals and infrastructure. So some volunteer jobs in a zoo may be raising money, help with some activities in the zoo or help with educating people about the animals and dangers they might as a specie.

Its important to see zoos as an educational resource and be sure that animals are well treated. Some animals are born captive or are injured, so keeping them in a zoo may be the best way of living. Other animal are catched in the wild and thats not the best way to put animals in zoos. Now there is allot con conscience in this public institutions, but there are many animal traffickers that sale some wild animal as pets and the probability of those to survive is very low. So its important to know about the origins of the animal kept captive and try to keep them in a safe environment.