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what are diffrent job options

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what are different job options #job

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Luke’s Answer

Hi Jordan, there's an endless list of potential job options but another way to look at this topic is to seek your internal interests and pursue future roles that align with your passions and interests. Looking ahead, roles that incorporate IT (computer science, data science, statistics, etc.) are expected to continue being in demand, but so too will hundreds of other different roles. Each role will have different requirements ranging from years of education needed, expected salary, job availability based on geographic location, but it's important to do some independence research and to speak to professionals or students in different paths to determine where your direction should start. Best of luck!

Luke recommends the following next steps:

  • Seek respected online sites to learn more about different job industries.
  • Seek internally to discover what your interests are, and to then search for roles that match such interests.
  • Understand the requirements for each role you are interested in (i.e. some may require 4 years of college and 3-4 years of graduate school, which will have significant cost implications that may make you reconsider such route).

Ray’s Answer

Start with looking at the courses that intrigue you the most and explore what careers are tied to those courses. It's always best to be enthusiastic about something that you are curious about and have a passion to explore and achieve.