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What is the yearly salary?

I play golf for the school and show cattle #salary

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2 answers

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Stan’s Answer

Hi Adam.

This is commonly known as base salary (excluding bonus), what the employer will commit to pay you per year. This is different from net pay or take home pay check.

The base salary is the "Gross Pay". Then items are deducted such as FICA, Social Security...etc to result in Net Pay or take home pay check. Pay checks are done twice month, like the 15 th and end of month. Or every 2 weeks. It depends on the company.

A good tip to know is that when you get job and ask for a raise......always focus on the base salary (without the bonus). Base is a commitment, while bonus are not. No mater what happens the base pay is what the company is obligated to pay you.

I hope this make sense.

Stan N.

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Lao’s Answer

The salary as a Credit Manager can range from $47k- $90k depending on where you live. I like to use glassdoor.com to look up salary ranges. See link below: