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What kind of education to you need to become an EMT?

I’m super interested about becoming an EMT! I’m in a public safety class and out of all three of those careers I want to be an EMT. #career #publicsafety

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3 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

As a former EMT myself, being an EMT is generally not considered as a career end-goal but rather one of the first steps in the ladder. You learn a lot and gain field experience early on which sets you up for many other career possibilities, like RN, PA or EMS. But believe me, you do not want to take on that kind of responsibility for an extended amount of time.

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Kevin’s Answer

Your local community college should have program aligned to fire/EMT. The added benefit by going to community college route is that a lot of the local or retired firefighters teach the classes so you will start to build out your network to land that EMT job after you gain the required certifications.

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Jennifer’s Answer

There are several different avenues. Many fire departments offer courses, and several ambulance companies as well as private education companies and junior colleges. They may be offered as adult continuing education or college credit depending on where you take your course. Do your research in your local area. Stop by local paid and volunteer fire departments and ambulance companies and ask questions. Most EMTs are service oriented and love to teach and help others. Don't be afraid to stop by!