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What education do you need to become a crime scene investigator?

I'm in public safety to become a crime scene investigator. #publicsafety

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2 answers

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Darren’s Answer

Hello Aaliyah!

I go to the University of Montana and there is a degree called Criminology. This is a great way to get into law enforcement and become an investigator. Good luck!

Darren S.

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Michele’s Answer

While Criminology is absolutely a great Avenue keep in mind when you are at a Crime Scene there are MULTIPLE facets.
So, depending on how involved and what you want to specialize in is how to make this decision.
I am an SPO however, my background is in Forensics/Homicide so I actually in order to broaden my spectrum in this field, I got my Nursing Degree as well as Criminal Justice then took Forensics. There are some courses you will have to take that are “required” but serve almost zero purpose in the field.
You just have to research all areas and decide on your focus.