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in bangalore city which college is best for hotel management?

why means i'm poor man so i need best college. educator

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3 answers

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Vijay’s Answer

Presidency College

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Jyoti’s Answer

There are many good colleges, below are few among those.

  1. IHM-Institute of Hotel Management
  2. Christ University
  3. M S Ramaiah
  4. Garden city university
  5. T John College

All the best!!

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Samir’s Answer

There are very good colleges for Hotel management. To name a few -
1.AIMS Institutes (AIMS), Peenya, Bangalore
2.Garden City College of Science and Management Studies, Bangalore (GCC Bangalore), Old Madras Road, Bangalore
3.SJES College of Management Studies, Microsoft IT Academy, Old Madras Road, Bangalore