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how do I become a interior designer

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2 answers

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Jordan A.’s Answer

Hi there! To become a licensed interior designer you need to complete the 3Es. EDUCATION: a 4yr degree from a CIDA accredited program. EXPERIENCE: a 3yr paid internship working for a licensed designer. EXAMINATION: pass your NCIDQ exams. I encourage you to Google all of these acronyms along with professional organizations like the IIDA for more detailed information. Best of luck!

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George’s Answer

You can become an Interior Designer by attending school of interior design or interior architecture or Architecture.
You can start doing design right away within or after graduating, in a company or by your own, however you need to check the state requirement to start you design company. NCDIQ exam is mandatory in some states, but in most cases this exam gives you power to sell products under your own name.
NCDIQ test requires specific amount of hours practicing interior design. signed off from an interior designer or an architect.