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How many years of school do you have to take to become a singer?

Hi. I'm Anyiss and I want to become a singer when I'm older. You see, sure I'm only in 7th grade, but I think that I can get information so I can learn at a young age. #singer

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2 answers

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Micah’s Answer

Hi Anyiss,

You are not required to go to school to become a singer. Some colleges, however, do you have music programs that focus on voice performance which may be something for you to pursue a few years later. Most colleges usually have their own choirs and clubs that focus on singing.

Right now, I encourage you to use your singing voice to your advantage. Join a choir if you are not already a part of one. Sign up for your school musical. Join or start a club that will allow you to develop your singing skills!

I hope this was helpful!


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Callie’s Answer

Hello Anyiss!

I would definitely also recommend joining a choir, or perhaps begin taking voice lessons. 7th grade is a great age to start learning about your voice and good singing technique.

I also highly suggest you find ways to perform as often as possible; in choirs, recitals, and community theater productions. Learning how to perform in front of an audience and getting used to your own nerves can be a journey that takes a lifetime and the earlier you start this journey, the better!

Best of luck to you!