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At what point during one's college experience should they select a major?

I will be entering college this spring, and like many people I am currently undecided as to what I want to major in. I know that this is not unusual, but what I do not know is at what point it is best to make the decision. At what times did others choose their majors? How did it work out? college college-major career-choice

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3 answers

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Yolonda’s Answer

It depends. If you receive financial aid you will have to declare you major when you reach around 60 credits which is typically end of sophomore year. If not, then you have more time. It is best to figure out what interests you the most and what career path you are considering and then go from there. For example, if you're interested in music but want to be a nurse then you can major in music and take the pre-reqs for a nursing program.

I changed my major about 3 times and when I was told this would happen I didn't believe it.

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Elizabeth’s Answer

I think Evelyn's advice is very helpful, but you should also be open to change if it makes sense and you have time. I started college with a major much different than the degree I graduated with. I thought I knew what I loved and wanted to do when I started Freshman year, but when I started taking the required classes I found that I was not enjoying them at all. Instead, I had some general education requirement classes that I really did like that led me to my actual degree program.

I made the decision halfway through my sophomore year to change my major, and I just made sure I still had time to finish up all the requirements in the last two and a half years. There are some degrees where that will not be possible (I know I would not have been able to finish a business school degree, I'm sure there are others), so if those are ones you are thinking of, it would be good to start those early, since your options will be more limited the further along you get.

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Evelyn’s Answer

Anytime is a good time.
Make 4 lists
Left side of page
1. What you love to do & passionate about
2. What you are good at

Right side of page
3.What you really hate doing
4. What you are no good at

Choose a occupation from the left side of the page that is something you are good at & like to do. Then figure out what people major in to get there. Finally, don't over pay for your education, take the basic classes at the community college and the more speicifics when you find the school with the best program for you. From my own experience, the less student loan debt the happier you will be post college.