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How can I improve my resume with programs and SAT cancelling due to quarantine?

Hello, I'm Ons, a junior in high school. I'm interested in the medical field, but my research internship and my SAT is cancelled due to lock down. What can I do to really shine in my resume? To give you some more information about me, I attend a collegiate high school, which means I graduate with a high school diploma as well as an associates, I have a 4.0 in my high school classes(not my college), and I have done a lot of volunteer work, shadowing, and different programs regarding the medical field to try to make up for my gpa and testing scores. #lockdown

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2 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

Hello Ons,

I hope you are doing well. There are several things you can do to improve your resume. Focus locally by being an active, helpful member of your home community. Volunteer to cover childcare needs for neighbors or to check in (by phone/from a distance) on the elderly. If you’re part of a religious community, see if there are ways that you can provide support through them. You can also volunteer virtually by checking out the following sites:


2) Provide online tutoring through Paper-airplanes.


In terms of GPA, you still have your junior & senior year to demonstrate improvement, and just study for the MCAT exam and score your best. By virtual volunteering, you can demonstrate that you took some initiative to help your community during a time of crisis. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

Stay safe!

Kind regards,
Ashley Garcia
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Doc’s Answer

Great question Ons,

Don't worry that don’t have your internship and SAT scours at this time, resumes are living document they can be updated. Any intership that you’re applying for as a high schooler will understand that you probably don’t have a ton of work experience to write about. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t “WOW” them! The most important things that appear on your resume are probably going to be school-related: This means your 4.0 GPA, academic achievements, volunteering, sports, and clubs

Instead of putting your full address, as some other sources might advise, it’s now becoming common only to include your City, State and Email Address. (creeate a new professional email address – not that ‘hilarious’ one you signed up for when you were 13)

The summary should be a short paragraph of complete sentences, and it should always be tailored to the internship you’re applying for. While people of any age and career level can benefit from including an objective statement on their resume, it’s especially important for you as a high school student. This is largely because your work history may not reflect your future goals.

••• Good Example ••••:
√ Friendly and energetic honor-roll student with significant volunteer work and shadowing in the medical field.

If you’ve achieved an impressive grade point average or completed challenging coursework, listing this information can illustrate your dedication and ability to overcome obstacles. Additionally, be sure to include your extracurricular activities. This shows universities that you’re able to balance multiple responsibilities. Finally, be sure to list any completed coursework related to internships.

••• Good Examples •••
√ 4.0 GPA for multiple semesters.
√ Achievements& Honors.
√ University Tests.

Volunteer work to extracurricular activities (such as clubs or sports), you should include all previous experiences that illustrate your a work ethic and your ability to participate in team-based activities. Be sure to highlight any leadership experience, special achievements or awards you earned within those roles.

Everyone is different and everyone has different strengths, but everyone has skills they can put on a resume—so be honest. Most of the skills you include will probably be Soft Skills, but you definitely have some Hard Skills too. In most cases, hard skills are learned and based on experience while soft skills are rooted in your personality and are often not easily taught.

Ons, below are 5 additional tips for a strong resume

Doc recommends the following next steps:

1) Proofread
2) Double Check Spelling and Grammar
3) Use a Template
4) Creat a Cover letter
5) See #1
Thank you comment icon Thank You Ashley. “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” – Seneca Doc Frick