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How can I start my career in health care industry

I am doing MBA. But I want to job in health care industry. I have done bachelors of science. But, I don’t have any idea about the start up. # MBA #hospital-and-health-care

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4 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

Consulting is a great field to start your career in the healthcare industry. While completing my Masters in Public Health (Healthcare Management), I thought alot about where I could start my career. I considered a few options including hospital administration, working for a non-governmental organization, working for a local public health department. I learned about PwC and their healthcare consulting practice and decided to pursue this career. I made this decision because going into consulting would allow me to experience various aspects within the healthcare industry (e.g., working with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, or healthcare payers) instead of focusing in one discipline. I also did an internship in hospital administration which I enjoyed and learned so much. It's definitely a great start to also explore different internship opportunities whether in hospital administration, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare insurance companies, government, etc. If you are interested in healthcare consulting, I would recommend that you explore opportunities that PwC has in terms of internships and full time roles.

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Joshua’s Answer

Hi Mehak!

Well, do you know what area of healthcare you want to enter into?
If say, you think you want to enter physical therapy and you have a B.S. like I did, then consider what qualities you have that may match up with this field.
Having been a PT for twenty years and working with many other PTs, I believe it is important to be caring(empathetic) by nature, being patient with others, being an extrovert to a degree, loving to learn and understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body, enjoying exercising in your own life.

So, I would suggest taking inventory of what your skills and personality are and match them up with your field of interest is ; the more matches, the more encouraging that is!

Then, to break into the field, do an internship with your school or a local community organization, or maybe volunteer at an outpatient rehab center or hospital where you might do tasks like cleaning, filing and scheduling and also setting up exercise equipment for the patients while also being able to observe the PTs and ask questions. This will help you to be more convinced that this is your “dream career”.

In a number of years, after working clinically with patients you can use your MBA degree to open up or help run a practice!

I hope this helps! Take care😁

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Pat’s Answer

There are several Hospital systems that need business oriented individuals to help them run their systems. Health Insurance carriers also provide great insight on how carriers work with providers both on the provider contracting and relations side and on the medical policy side. Most Health insurance carriers also employ several former nurses and doctors that can give great knowledge about the health care industry.

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Sunitha Blossom’s Answer

Hello Mehak,

Health care is a great field to be in. As you are already pursuing your MBA, the most suitable field would be Hospital / healthcare administration. But how?
1. You might want to start reading about healthcare administration to gain knowledge on operations of a healthcare industry.
2. You might want get involved in Pro Bono work for hospitals/clinics to gain understanding of the healthcare work flows.
3. You might want to try out Internship opportunities in Hospital Administration.

Wishing you the very best!