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dajonah’s Avatar
dajonah Mar 22, 2022 627 views

do you have to be on call when you are a nurse? or is it a shift preference

i dont have any details to tell

NHLAKANIPHO Mar 23, 2022 1792 views

Hi everyone,I wanted to ask if having a gold or silver teeth will have an impact on someone getting a job

because say that it is not easy to be employed if you have a gold or silver teeth. SO IS IT TRUE

dajonah’s Avatar
dajonah Mar 22, 2022 388 views

what are the best shoes you will recommend to wear as a nurse?

gym shoes , crocs?

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 17, 2022 349 views

What other nurse position would I qualify for with a masters an do they all make similar money?


Mehak’s Avatar
Mehak May 07, 2020 652 views

How can I start my career in health care industry

I am doing MBA. But I want to job in health care industry. I have done bachelors of science. But, I don’t have any idea about the start up. # MBA #hospital-and-health-care

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 17, 2022 429 views

What kind of hours to nurse work an a day to day basis

I would like to know what I’m getting my self into before I really makes decision

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 17, 2022 596 views

How long does it take to officially become an registered nurse.

I want to become a nurse anaesthetist

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Feb 03, 2022 700 views

What its like being an acute nurse?

#nursing #healthcare

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Jiale Jan 31, 2022 607 views

What do you need to do to be sucessful in your lifetime?

Galileo High school junior #teaching

Raenisha’s Avatar
Raenisha Jan 27, 2022 607 views

What are the ways that you have maintained healthy work relationships during Covid 19?

Hi i am a human services social engagement and advocacy major. Looking for advice on how to manage people during the pandemic. #Covid19

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jan 21, 2022 738 views

Advice for college interviews

When applying to selective schools, applicants often have to go through interviews in the process. If you’re the interviewer, what’s something you look for (other than passion)? If you’re the interviewee, what’s one thing you wished you knew about interviews before starting one? #interviews...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 21, 2022 559 views

What are benefits when it comes to being in clubs?

is there any need to join clubs in college or even high school? #Students #college-advice #high-school

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Apr 14, 2021 594 views

What expectations should I aspect as a RN?

I am a Senior high school, going to college to be a nurse.

#nurse #medicine

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Bonjoh Apr 14, 2021 583 views

How/why is nursing vital to medical laboratory science

I am a student of the university of Buea, studying Medical Laboratory Science #student-clubs

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Averie Mar 18, 2021 753 views

Is a nursing career worth it?

I am a junior in high school. I've been researching and exploring what career is best for me. I want to be engaged in my work, and I am adamant about avoiding sitting at a desk all day. I enjoy studying physical and mental health, but I feel medical school would be too vigorous for my liking. I...