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I want to be accepted into a college known/good for STEM so I can direct my studies to my ideal field of Computer Science.


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stephanie L. Oct 21 147 views

Do employers care about what school you go to?

Would I be considered a failure/ not qualified if I didn’t go to the top schools? college career job...


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stephanie L. Oct 06 81 views

What do employers look for when recruiting for a software engineer, or any other computer science job?

I'm interested in pursuing computer science as a degree in college but I was wondering what tech companies look in terms of soft skill, and maybe a bit of hard skills as well. What are some classes I should take in college? What skills should I work on or need? computer-science computer...

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stephanie L. Oct 06 91 views

Advice on not comparing yourself to talented smart people.

Something I've always struggled with as a student and person in general, is comparing myself to others. Whether if it's looks or intelligence, I always seem to find a way to compare said person and myself. The colleges I want to get into are extremely competitive, so when I can't do something,...

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stephanie L. Oct 06 80 views

How do you stay motivated or make yourself do something?

I'm a senior in high school, and applying for colleges and writing responses for PIQs has been a struggle. Everyday, I know I need to do them but I can't find myself to get up and actually do them. I try to have a positive outlook on them, but I still feel the dread and pressure of doing it. It...

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