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iam to become engineer which engineer is better for me

Asked Hyderabad, Telangana, India

i should do work hard to became a engineer

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moises’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

It's best you explore the different types of engineering available and see which one appeals to you best. For me, software engineering seemed to be the best one, but that's because I like software and the development part of it. You may find a different type of engineering better. For example, my brother is an architect and that's his passion.

Good luck! -Moises

Mark’s Answer

Updated Morrisville, North Carolina

There are lots of different engineering fields... so it becomes a question of what do you like to do?

If you like "gears and cars and machines of all types", you might enjoy Mechanical Engineering. If you like radios, stereos, TV's and electrical equipment, then perhaps Electrical Engineering? Roads and bridges... Civil engineering? Computers and programming.... Software Engineering?

If you are good at science and math, most engineering programs let you take a semester or two to decide on your specialty. And it is good to see if you can "meet someone doing the job" so can see if you like it. A lot of engineering is similar in that you spend a reasonable amount of time planning work, making sure you have the resources you need, and a path to achieve the goal. It takes time and effort... so it is good if you enjoy the end product of what you are doing.

Best of luck! Explore and have fun!