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If I want to be a children's book illustrator, what can I do to get my own style for comission work?

I am majoring in English language at a super normal university in Vietnam. If I keep going, I am fear of wasting time on unnecessary things. Moreover, my university is not famous for my major and I don't see myself grow any skills that I had studied after about two years. Therefore, I am so confused whether I should continue or not. #college #college-major

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2 answers

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Race’s Answer

Hello, Png.

First of all, English is the international language across the global, therefore you should keep continuing in this major and recall the passion why you wanted to enroll in the major, and what you studying won't affect you to be an illustrator as long as you have your dream.

As children book's illustrator can cooperate with difference children books' writers, therefore English language could become one of the important bridge of communication, also by practicing your drawing skill through difference resources such as paper and pen, computer or other tech devices.

Apart from your study, you can also develop your passion of design in your free time. There are many useful tools to achieve your goal. Use the internet and social platform. You may try to build up your brand. For example, you can open an instagram account, post your art work online. Find your own style, share with the people around the world. Practice more and be skillful is very important. You can also expand your network and find many common friend on the social media.

Moreover, a lot of people have the situation, which their occupation is different with their major in college, so do I. As result, it is unnecessary to worry about wether your major is useful or not, the most signisficant moment is to enjoy your university life and learn more life long skills, built up positive personality and knowledge at the same time.

Above link is about some freelance illustrator to post their artwork online and sell to people.

Good luck to your future!

Very inspire advices, Thank you Race. Donald Lei

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I got to your point. However, I think that there is some subject that is not essential if I have an intention to become a children's book illustrator. I am worried that it will waste my time on things that I don't really need to learn because it doesn't apply too much for my dream job. So, what do you think about this? Png N.

Png, Maybe some of the essential course you found boring studying it, as I mentioned before, English is an international language, and most importantly, language learning process needs a lot of reading and writing and it could let you understand more about the deeper meaning of the children books and draw the illustration much better. However, you can apply some elective class outside your major such as some drawing or art classes to help you to improve some skills of illustration. Don't give up! Race Tin

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Lolita’s Answer

Best Writing Advice


Thank you a lot. ❤❤ Png N.

You are very welcome Lolita Fitts

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