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What kinds of electives would you recommend for a premed student?

I already have a major and minor, but there is still space in my schedule for about 3-4 elective courses. I'd particularly like suggestions about humanities courses, since the majority of my schedule is hard science. Thank you! electives premed medschool physician minor

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3 answers

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Katherine’s Answer

I recommend checking out requirements at medical schools you're interested. More and more schools are requiring Spanish, Psychology, and Sociology. At least one school I know requires at least one course in Literature (I am applying to medical school currently).

Also consider the community you might want to serve, the cultures you may not know much about, or things you've always wondered about but never made the time to research outside of school. Consider classes that could enhance your practice of medicine one day, sure, but don't be afraid to take something for your own personal fulfilment! Most of us won't get a second chance at college!

Some classes I loved that I hope will help me as a doctor:
Physiological Psych (aka intro Neuroscience)
Chicano Literature

Others that I loved just because:
Art History (any course)
Creative Writing

Those are just examples. I've also heard of great classes like "History of AIDS" or "Medical Sociology" or even public health courses that could be useful. There is no single answer to this question though really.

Last thing I'll add is you'll want to earn top marks in whatever you choose because GPA is important for medical school admission, so keep in mind when choosing anything!

This is really helpful! I've taken a few psychology classes already, but I'm strongly considering Spanish as well :) Thank you so much! Aleksandra B.

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Nicole’s Answer

I would recommend a public health/ medical ethics or medical anthropology course. A communications class or public speaking class could be a good idea as well. I think it is important to take classes that you find interesting and not necessarily only for medical school admissions. I took a meditation/mindfulness elective and would recommend. I also took an interesting elective about social justice in musical theater. Medical schools want you to be well rounded, so if your major/minor are traditional among applicants, I would recommend using your electives to explore other interests you may have.

Thank you so much! I really like the recommendations, and the theater one sounds super fascinating! Aleksandra B.

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Anna’s Answer

Hi! That is a great question. I thoroughly enjoyed psychology classes that I took as a pre-med. Not only were they fascinating, but they also helped so much when preparing for MCAT. I took general psych, abnormal psych, and social psych. You should also take time to just take classes in subjects that interest you! This is one of the last times where you will truly have the freedom to pick subjects that interest you, so you should take advantage of that! I would have also been interested in taking public health courses had they been available to me!