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Interview questions


What questions will Vet school ask me during the interview?

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1 answer

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Sarah, here are some common questions that St George's University asks their veterinary school applicants. Hope this helps! Good luck to you.

1. Why do you want to be a veterinarian?
2. Why do you think you would be a good veterinarian?
3. Why are you interested in our program?
4. How do you plan to overcome challenges you will face in this field?
5. What ethical issues will you face and how will you overcome them?
6. How have you overcome obstacles while working in a team setting?
7. What are your plans for financing your education?
8. Do you have any questions for me? (Come prepared!)

Thank you comment icon Thank you so much. I’m really nervous about the interview. I will prepare. This will help my confidence level. sarah