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What is the day in a life for a Physician's Assistant?

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Janice’s Answer

A Physician Assistant works closely with the Physician they are assigned and contracted. Depending on the specialty, each day could be different. Consider office practice, clinic work, hospital assignments, volunteer work and much more. Specialties include family practice, internal medicine, surgery, oncology, dermatology, sports medicine, obstetrics, psychiatry and many, many more. PA is a graduate degree. A good way to determine a typical day would be to shadow a PA. Additionally, the Nurse Practitioner role has many similarities but an undergraduate degree in nursing is required. The PA role is very challenging and rewarding. Good luck to you!

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Michael’s Answer

The day in a life of a physician's assistant varies greatly depending on the setting. Some have very fast pace jobs and includes procedures, such as intubation and placing central lines when working in the ICU, assisting surgeons in the OR or taking care of patients pre/post-op, caring for inpatients or working in a clinic. One thing that I find is that PAs typically are more patient forward-facing and have less administrative responsibilities than the supervising physician.