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I am a Computer Science student and I was wondering which concentration I can do later.

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4 answers

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Chetan’s Answer

There are many many options after initial Computer Science Education. In fact in every field you will get opportunity to use the Computer Science.
It would be good if you can find out your interests - for example, whether you like Technology or Finance or anything else.
If you like Technology, then you can go more deep into Computer Science - learn core technology courses, involving algorithms/data structures, etc.
If you like Finance, you like analyzing things, you can go for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Similarly there are many more fields and their respective domain expertise can be learned.
Also there are many areas, for example, Coding (writing code), Testing (testing the code written by others), Performance Engineering (Help improving code to make it run faster), etc.
Take some time to find out your interests and then you can choose anything out of this as per your interests.

Thank you, Chetan for your answer. So24fia H.

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Dennis’s Answer

I started out in Computer Science and worked in the University's computer labs which essentially was helping engineering students with their homework, consulting with programming issues, and a variety of other tasks. I wasn't really knowledgeable in every aspect of being a consultant in the labs, but the exposure to a variety of different things really helped me out. And then when it was time for the lab to get an overhaul, they asked me to help network all the new machines - so having a diverse exposure to a wide array of technology is definitely helpful. Later in life, I went into networking with specialties in wireless engineering, optical, and security. I then started working on smart utility grid projects, and then in telecom which is where I've been for the past 8 years. I now work doing municipal outreach to cities and other entities to help educate and pave the way for new 5G wireless. It just goes to show that there are great possibilities in technology and you don't always have to know what you want at the beginning... just be open to exposing yourself to everything you can and being a well-rounded person will help you go far. Plenty of concentrations of studies but when you hit the job market, the sky literally is the limit. Every path is different and just be ready to welcome new challenges and you'll do great! Good luck!

Thank you for your answer! So24fia H.

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RV’s Answer

I am a Computer Science engineering myself, I worked in IT for a while and then did an MBA and moved to Product Management. After a few years there, I moved into Corporate Social Responsibility. What I am saying is, you can do anything and everything with a degree in CS, because the basics you get in analyzing a problem or an opportunity, and finding a way to address that is what is needed in jobs in many different areas. Try to narrow down what area you would like to get into, or if you would like to continue studying. Right off of grad school, you might see most opportunities in IT - coding/ QA etc.

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barbara’s Answer

Compute science is a great basis for so many careers! First, decide whether you want to continue in this field and do additional training. Related fields include super relevant and in-demand ones such as cybersecurity. Fields such as economics and engineering also require the sort of logical thinking you learn in computer science. If you enjoy the design aspect, graphic design or architecture could be options.