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Hey my name nadia and im a 9th grader and i was wondering what can i do during college that has something to do with singing

I been singing every seens i was 6 and every seens then i wanted to be a singer i was wondering do they have things that deal with singing in collage. #singer

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2 answers

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Hannah’s Answer

Hi Nadia,

There are lots of opportunities to sing in college! I majored in music with a concentration in vocal performance. My university also offers music education degrees for people who want to teach music in schools. You can then go on to get a master's degree in choral conducting if you want to learn how to become a choral conductor. Within a music department, you can choose to study classical voice or jazz. There's also the option of majoring in musical theater if that's the kind of singing you like.

If you want to sing for fun instead of as a degree program, you can also audition for a university or college's choral ensembles. Beside those ensembles that are run through the music department, many colleges also have student-run a cappella groups that put on concerts throughout the year.

If you aren't already in a chorus, you should definitely check that out! Also, voice lessons would be a good idea if you intend to study music in college. If you sing in chorus at school, I'm sure your choral director would be happy to tell you more about singing in college and suggest a voice teacher.

Keep on singing!


Thank you for the good advice Nadia Y.

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Kellee’s Answer

Hi Nadia! It's great that you have found a passion that interests you enough to consider remaining active while in college.

If you want to continue singing as an extracurricular activity, many colleges have choirs of many types. This includes A-Capella groups, club specific groups (fraternities, sororities, etc..), and music specific groups (classical, gospel, jazz, ...etc.). Some groups require auditions and some are just for anyone interested in joining. In addition, you can even take "singing" oriented classes for credit (usually worth only one or two credits) to fulfill University requirements without having to major in music/vocal performance.

Here is a link to an example of courses offered at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California: https://catalogue.usc.edu/content.php?filter%5B27%5D=-1&filter%5B29%5D=&filter%5Bcourse_type%5D=-1&filter%5Bkeyword%5D=choir&filter%5B32%5D=1&filter%5Bcpage%5D=1&cur_cat_oid=12&expand=&navoid=4245&search_database=Filter#acalog_template_course_filter

Many colleges have music schools or similar offerings in other departments on their campuses. As you explore colleges, search in the course catalog for classes. I used to key word "choir" to search USC, but words like "choral", "ensemble", "music", "vocal" or similar could work.

Finally, if your talent is great, you can consider a degree or minor in vocal performance while in college. Of course you'd have to audition for the programs and have a portfolio of performances to show prior to enrolling.

In the meantime, don't neglect joining choirs and/or choral group(s), even theater performances, if offered by your school. It's a great way to live your passion now and enjoy non-academic activity time while in school (plus build a portfolio for college if you so desire). If your school does not offer any options, check out activity boards (live or virtual) at community centers, libraries, city/county resident sites, etc. for opportunities. (karaoke and open mic activities seem to be common).

I hope this helps. No matter what you choose, have fun!


Kellee recommends the following next steps:

1. Look for local opportunities to sing!
2. Explore college websites to see what schools offer classes, majors, or volunteer opportunities to sing!
3. Don't stop singing!