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Has technology created more jobs over the decade?

Do you think technology has helped us get achieve better than from a decade ago, and how so? #technology #jobs

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4 answers

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David’s Answer

There was a study done a while back about professional worker productivity, which estimated that non-farm worker productivity had increased some 4x (400%) since the 1950s. If you think how accessible information is, and how fast we can respond to e.g. customer questions without taking days on research, then you can appreciate how far we've come
( see for example: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/productivity ).
Where will it go in the future? Who knows? I love the Internet of Things analogy, saying estimating the potential of new technology now is like estimating the impact that plastics will have, but done in the 1940s. They had no idea where it would go, both in terms of product excellence, but also in terms of shortening product lifespans and the environmental impact.
But it's certainly been a huge factor in improving lifestyles, and if you check out Hans Rosling's most excellent TED talk, technology has been a key enabler of education, which in turn massively helps lifestyle, health, elevates people out of poverty, etc., etc.,
( https://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_on_global_population_growth )
As with any new tools, it's not so much what it is, but how you use it, both for good and ill, that really counts.
So my best advice would be to embrace technology as best you can, and keep a focus on how it helps you, your community, your world, and to keep challenging established thinking - not just change or tech for its own sake, but with a focus on improvement.

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Frank’s Answer

Yes, one of this big issues most large company's face is effectively using information and data to improve their business.  Careers in data base administration and data analysis or what is referred as data mining are in demand and pay high salaries.  Careers in web development and web design are also in demand. I hope this response if helpful to you. 

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Rad’s Answer

Technology has definitely created more opportunities in the last decade. If you think about all the IT jobs and the users of those technologies it just gets bigger. I work for a major computer manufacturer (Dell) and the number of jobs in the USA and around the world are many. Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, IT, Program Management, Finance, Marketing, etc.

There are many options and more options as a result of new technology, determine what you want to do and narrow your plans down.

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Jacqueline’s Answer

Yes, with different apps like Uber, Air BnB. Technology has created more jobs. It is now easier to work on your own schedule. As well as work from anywhere in the world.

Jacqueline recommends the following next steps:

Research on different search engines.