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what are some career options for someone who major in bussiness

My name is Aaliyah I am intresting and knowing some career options for a person that have a big major in something because in the future i want a career in bussiness

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2 answers

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Mary’s Answer


There are many options for somebody who majors in business. You can do sales, marketing, finance, accounting, management, insurance. The list is endless. You don't need to decide right away either. If you are unsure about what you really want to do, a degree in business is very versatile and can lead to to many different, rewarding careers. If you like math, then accounting or finance might be a good fit. If you like to talk to people and enjoy the idea of selling a product or service, then marketing or a general business major are good fits.

Some great options in our current economy are insurance (it's necessary) and IT. Technology will always be around and it is constantly changing. It is a good idea to choose an industry that is necessary to ensure job stability during recessions.

I hope this helps!

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Dawn’s Answer

I concur with Mary. With a Business degree, the sky's the limit on what you can do with it. I think about all of the industries that I work with today and all of them would want to hire a person with a Business degree. You can take that degree into so many different directions and even further your education when you find your calling. I work in technology, which never rests and never grows old. We are always looking for talent, especially those with a Business degree.