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How to get your work noticed as an artist and photographer

Having two careers where you have to get your projects out there to be hired or be included in the work force could be very difficult,do you suggest I only do one career or is there another option.#Artist#Photographer#two careers#beingnoticed #career-choice

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3 answers

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Jac’s Answer

Create a website and showcase your work, which will eventually become your online portfolio. Link your website on your LinkedIn and social media. Include things you draw and photo for fun as well as you get paid for - but clearly show the distinction on the website.

Include on the website that you're open to freelance/do contract work. You'll likely get hit up to do things for free. Don't do too many things for free to build your portfolio, but do a few. Make sure you get the same value out of the free work as what you'd be paid or more - do this by asking for a testimonial to video and write up to add to your website. Ask them to post the work you did on their social media and ask for referrals for paid work.

Also, join photography / art groups so you can begin networking with other photographers and artists. Maybe one will mentor you and introduce you to the right crowds to jumpstart your career.

Thank you so much,ill create a website right now. Ardarius C.

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Melissa’s Answer

To get your work noticed as an artist and a photographer, I highly recommend a website, with two galleries, one dedicated to art, and one dedicated to photography.

You can absolutely pursue both art and photography, since photography is just another art outlet. I also recommend an Instagram account and for you to post consistently.

Set up an Facebook Page for your services and put your contact information. Set up galleries for your art and your photography and have a minimum commission price for both artworks and photoshoots.

The creative career path is difficult but worth it if you have a passion for it. Networking is very important in these fields because you never know who you know, and the next person you talk to could lead you to your next gig.

Good luck!

This was so helpful thank you so much,I give you credit for my future success. Ardarius C.

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Brenn’s Answer

Hi Ardarius.

Congratulations on knowing what you want to do. That is the hardest part for many students.

Since you are still a student I would suggest taking advantage of social media for getting your current work out on the great abyss of the internet. Why? Because starting your own website can be tough and requires tech skills for design, finances for hosting, and the fees for the amount of GB or MB space to create an online library of photos and artwork can add to your costs.

Social Media is a free agent and jump-starts many artists careers. Since you are wanting to post photography and art consider Instagram and/Pinterest since these platforms are mainly about an image, not a story or response. You can start your own Facebook PAGE, which is different than a personal account in that it acts as a promotional platform for your business, which for now, is YOU and your art. This is a way to have a type of website broadcast ability without all of the fees involved with running one. And, if you have your own website there is less chance that you will be found unless you tell people about your website or you pay for advertisement, and that is just more money you'll need to spend. In fact, many small businesses today have canceled their expensive websites and have moved to the Facebook Page platform and actually reach more customers because of the ability to grow an audience faster by linking it to other accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. For example, I have my personal acct on Facebook, but my Facebook Page is different in that it is for my business and posts pertaining to it.

I found a good article about using media platforms to sell artwork, it talks about linking your artist Facebook page to Instagram or starting an artist page of Instagram first. You may just want to choose the platform you like best or know better. And do not feel like you need to make one for art and one for photography. Here's why one site is important, someone looking for photography will see your artwork as well, or vice versa, so it's best to have your work in one place in the beginning. and it will make tracking the works that you sell easier because you will go to one location and add SOLD to a certain post, and that post will share across other platforms which lets everyone know that your work is selling. That's exciting!


And, MOST IMPORTANT before you put any images online create a watermark to make sure that no one can copy your images. Below is a link for making your own watermark using standard Microsoft software.


I wish you much success. Feel free to reach out with additional questions.