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Rokhaya T. Oct 30, 2016 432 views

Are there classes that a Sociolgy major should defintely take in college?

One of my career choices is being a sociologist because I really like to to solve problems and helping people....


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Merenda M. Jan 20, 2018 560 views

With Being a First Generation College Student, Who Can You Talk to for More Information?

My family has never went to or completed college. This means that it is impossible to get help from them. What can I do to get help? #first-generation #help...


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Beau A. Sep 16, 2020 200 views

How far can i get in a career?

#criminal-justice #acting #career #career-choice I want to be an actor or police officer but i don't know the...

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Lakiya B. Sep 18, 2020 88 views

I want to go to college to study criminology, any advice or what to expect?

Hi my name is Lakiya, and i'm currently attending a high school in Memphis and I plan to go to college and that's the subject i want to major in. #buisness #college #majors...

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Ardarius C. Sep 18, 2020 114 views

How to get your work noticed as an artist and photographer

Having two careers where you have to get your projects out there to be hired or be included in the work force could be very difficult,do you suggest I only do one career or is there another option.#Artist#Photographer#two careers#beingnoticed...


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jasmine S. Sep 21, 2020 132 views

How can I successfully prepare to go into law enforcement?

I intend to go to college but want to major and minor in the right things that will hold me successful for my future. Do I need a backup plan just incase law enforcement doesn't work out? Thanks. #college-major #college #lawenforcement...


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Dylan R. Sep 21, 2020 266 views

The Best Career for a Lover of Language

Hello everyone! I was just wondering what a good career would be for someone with my hobbies/skillsets/shortcomings. I am an aspiring polyglot, specifically with Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, English (Native), Japanese, and Russian. As of posting this...

#career #careeradvice #career-advice

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Zach G. Oct 26, 2020 115 views

Is technology a good field for a career?

I'm a sophomore student athlete in high school and want to work with technology. #student #career...


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Jayleen M. Oct 29, 2020 200 views

How many years of college do I need to get my bachelor degree?

#career How many years of college do I need to get my bachelors...

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Emmalie A. Jan 13 88 views

What kinds of classes to I have to take in college to become a high school math teacher?

I am talking about like Calculus, geometry, algebra I and II. #math...


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Ethan M. Jan 22 86 views

I am in the 10th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some carreers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passion and intrests

I'm a sophomore in high school, I am most intrested in business and sports medicine, while my hobbies include wrestling and watching football but I am unsure about which career to choose. #careers #high-school...