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I want to be either a lawyer , detective or a graphic designer because i like them all but in all i really want to be a detective.



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Lakiya B. Oct 02 57 views

What's the best job?

Hi my name is Lakiya and i'm a student at Hillcrest High School. I kinda want to do 2 jobs , but they consists of the same major criminology. I want to be a detective and I want to be a lawyer. I find both fascinating and I really just want to be successful in life you know? So any advice will...

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Lakiya B. Sep 18 40 views

I want to go to college to study criminology, any advice or what to expect?

Hi my name is Lakiya, and i'm currently attending a high school in Memphis and I plan to go to college and that's the subject i want to major in. #buisness #college #majors...