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I want to go to college to study criminology, any advice or what to expect?

Hi my name is Lakiya, and i'm currently attending a high school in Memphis and I plan to go to college and that's the subject i want to major in. #buisness #college #majors #college

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2 answers

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Brenn’s Answer

Hi Lakiya

I suggest that you consider what jobs interest you under the umbrella of Criminology. This link will take you to an article about the top 12 jobs for Criminology Majors. Read over them and see if there are one or two that interest you. This will get you thinking about what everyday life will be in your chosen career, as well as give you insight on the education requirements for the different positions and their salaries.

The educational track you take will depend on what career title you want to pursue. Taking some time to review your options is key to setting up your choices and putting your educational goals in motion. I wish you well. Feel free to reach out with more questions.



Brenn recommends the following next steps:

If you want to go into law enforcement visit this website and enter the City in which you want to work to learn the hiring requirements. https://www.policeofficer.education/

Thank you so much Brenn Lakiya B.

Lakiya, you are very welcome. Enjoy the process of determining what you want your educational journey to look like. ~Brenn Brenn Simonen

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Lakiya!

Though I was not a criminology major myself, I have come across this particularly helpful U.S. News article about being a criminology major in college that you might find interesting: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/criminology-major-overview

At the bottom of this article, there is a list of some (not all) schools that offer a criminology major.

I also want to mention that if you are interested in forensics/criminology as a career, there are other majors besides criminology that you could study in college that would still qualify you for those careers. Some examples include psychology or chemistry. My advice is to choose a major that you enjoy and will get good grades in because all of these majors could lead you to the same careers!


Thank you Lisa !!! Lakiya B.