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What kinds of classes to I have to take in college to become a high school math teacher?

I am talking about like Calculus, geometry, algebra I and II.

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4 answers

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Brenn M.’s Answer

Hello Hassan.

This is what I found to answer your question should you wish to teach Calculus, geometry, algebra I and II in a school in Iowa. It seems that if you want to teach those courses in 7-12 grades, you require a Bachelor's degree and proven proficiency in those courses. If you want to teach in Community College or Higher Education, you want to have the teaching experience required and complete your Master's Degree. I've listed some helpful websites below.

Math Teaching Qualifications
Iowa requires certified teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree, complete an accredited certification program and pass the appropriate Praxis II: Subject Tests. Iowa does not have a Basic Skills test requirement; the state only requires subject area tests to demonstrate subject area proficiency.

The site below from the State of Iowa Board of Education shows that the requirements for Math grades 5-12 are:
Completion of 24 College semester hours in mathematics to include a linear algebra or an abstract (modern)
algebra course, a geometry course, a two-course sequence in calculus, a computer programming course,
a probability and statistics course, and coursework in discrete mathematics. This site is your go-to in what degree you need to get the specific teaching license you desire.

The simple info:
Follow these steps to become a mathematics teacher in Iowa:
--Earn at least a Bachelor’s Degree and Complete a Teacher Preparation Program
--Pass Praxis Tests
--Apply for a Teacher License, and Submit to a Background Check

Credentials & Exams
Iowa offers three types of teacher certification:
--The first is the Initial certification, valid for the first two years of teaching.
--The second type is the Standard certification, which is valid for five years. This license can be obtained after completing an approved mentoring program and teaching for two years in an Iowa public school or three years in an Iowa private or out-of-state school.
--The third type is the Master certification, also valid for five years. Teachers can obtain this license after obtaining a Standard License, completing five years of teaching and graduating from a Master’s degree program.

I hope this helps you in your desire to teach math in Iowa. And a side note, everything I read stated that Iowa is struggling to keep math teachers, and that qualified teachers are in HIGH DEMAND. So, it's a good choice of careers for your State, should you choose to follow through with it.

Feel free to reach out and inquire more if need be.
All the best,

Brenn M. recommends the following next steps:

Math in Iowa from MathTeaching.org https://www.mathteaching.org/states/iowa/#:~:text=Iowa%20requires%20certified%20teachers%20to,to%20demonstrate%20subject%20area%20proficiency.
Math Teacher Edu in Iowa https://www.mathteacheredu.org/iowa/
Iowa Board of Education https://boee.iowa.gov/endorsement/5-12-mathematics

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Hassan’s Answer

That may depend on what kind of math you'll want to teach and your state license requirements. For Primary K-6 a general education degree will likely be enough. However, for High School math like Calculus you'll may need advanced college math hours.

https://boee.iowa.gov/enter-teaching-profession-iowa and https://www.teachercertificationdegrees.com/certification/iowa/ have some details on Iowa requirements.

Thank you for your response. Emmalie A.

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Atul’s Answer

Get an undergraduate degree in education and also take many math classes so that you know the material.
To become a teacher - you have to pass exams in your state. It may be very specific to the subject that you want to teach.
First - try tutoring kids who needs helping Math before pursuing this profession in teaching. If you like it, go for it.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Emmalie,

It will depend on where you want to work as a teacher. Do you know where you want to end up? It might be worth doing research about the requirements of a few different places you may want to live, so you have a variety of options to review. Teaching high school, usually means that you only need a bachelors degree in your desired subject. You may also need to get a teaching certificate. That criteria are the basics of what I understand for teaching in public education. The rules can be less strict if you opt to work in private education.

I am very excited that you are anxious to teach math, especially the higher forms that you mention here. It is often easier to learn a subject than to teach it. It will be easier for you to teach if you have a passion for your subject, which is appears that you do.

Good luck on your career in teaching. Your knowledge is sorely needed.