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Career Questions tagged Lawenforcement

jeberiah’s Avatar
jeberiah Jun 29, 2022 238 views

I am interested in becoming a police officer

#1: What are the values your company upholds that makes them employers that you want to work for?

#2: What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring?

#3: How do you stay motivated as a police officer day-by-day?

jaquan’s Avatar
jaquan Dec 14, 2021 323 views

What makes an resume impressive in your field?

I would like to know so I can have an understanding on how to do my resume #resume #lawenforcement #police

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 10, 2021 335 views

How would you describe a "typical" workday?

#police #law-enforcement #police-officer

Dominiq’s Avatar
Dominiq Jun 09, 2021 280 views

What schooling is needed to join the FBI?

How much education for FBI

Rashmi’s Avatar
Rashmi Apr 19, 2021 362 views

International student opportunities with criminology and criminal justice major.

Hi. I'm currently pursuing my second masters in criminology and criminal justice. I am a F1 student and on graduation would need visa sponsorship. I finished my first masters in US, majoring in business management and undergrad in information science and engg in India. I'm looking to seek...

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Jan 21, 2021 285 views

What did it take you to become a Command member in a Emergency Service Agency?

I am a Freshman in High School doing research about careers in the Emergency Service field. I am currently a Volunteer Firefighter, and I am interested in doing more research into the Emergency Service Agencies other than firefighting. #emergencyservices #emergencyservicecommand...

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Nov 17, 2020 753 views

How do I become a criminal profiler?

I am currently studying for my Masters in Criminal Justice and Security Administration and I have a bachelors in psychology. The end goal for my career track is to be a FBI profiler. However, I'm struggling to find where to start on my career path. I am not looking for a law enforcement...

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine Sep 21, 2020 361 views

How can I successfully prepare to go into law enforcement?

I intend to go to college but want to major and minor in the right things that will hold me successful for my future. Do I need a backup plan just incase law enforcement doesn't work out? Thanks. #college-major #college #lawenforcement #police

Jayla’s Avatar
Jayla Aug 18, 2018 547 views

I would like to know more about being a law enforcement officer.

Hello my name is Jayla i am an 8th grader and I am seriously looking at becoming a law enforcement officer. I have been looking into this occupation for about 6 years now. if i could get some tips on becoming an officer that would be great. THANK YOU!
#lawenforcement #thinblueline

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Aug 03, 2018 389 views

How to find a job in the law enforcement after graduation?

To become an officer or detective

#lawenforcement #law u

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VIL Jul 18, 2018 484 views

Do they use augmented reality in the FBI? - Ali

I'm a middle school student learning about augmented reality, and I would like to be an FBI agent someday. How does the FBI use AR? Could you use AR to make a plane fly?

#FBI #lawenforcement #AR #VR #augmentedreality #STEM #Verizon #VerizonInnovativeLearning

Jaslin’s Avatar
Jaslin Apr 04, 2018 650 views

how many years are recommended of college to be a police officer or state trooper?


Zitlali’s Avatar
Zitlali Mar 21, 2018 402 views

My strengths are communication, motivation and a lot of patience, how would this affect me in law enforcement?(liz)

#strength #lawenforcement

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 16, 2018 568 views

Once I finish college, how can i get the experience I need for a certain job?

I am currently working toward my criminal Justice degree and have little experience in the field of law enforcement. I want to know where I should start in order to slowly get some experience so I can eventually be able to become a cop? I know I have to workout and while I am working toward my...