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How long does it take to start up your own business in the Air Force?

I am asking this question because I want to be in the Untied States Air Force own a business by myself #business #united-states-air-force

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2 answers

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Joe’s Answer

De'Leon...your question is very difficult to answer as there is not enough information. If you want to be in the Air Force you probably will not have enough time to start up a full time business too. Being a member of the Air Force places some significant pressures on your available time to do something like that. I would concentrate on being a solid member of the Air Force, gain the insight and knowledge to become successful, and when you leave the Air Force use these skills to launch your business.

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David’s Answer

Hi De'Leon!

If your motivation to join the air force is to start your own business then I wouldn't join the air force. You won't have the time to start your business and the air force doesn't specifically teach you entrepreneurial skills. You may get some skills as a benefit from serving such as discipline, motivation and perseverance, but they don't directly teach you how to run a business. I would explore other options if your goal is to open a business.