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How many years of education is recommended for a healthcare manager?

I have chosen to pursue my Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management. I want to be fully prepared and educate myself on all levels of healthcare to be confident in every part of the hospital or other practitioner's office. I look forward to becoming a well-rounded individual in the healthcare setting. I am a very determined and hard working student that has a passion for the care of others. I want to express strong leadership skills and share my knowledge of the what I have picked up over the years of study. #healthcare #healthcare-it #careers-in-healthcare

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2 answers

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Tia’s Answer

After you complete your bachelor's degree, you'll have the education you need to obtain at least an entry level position in healthcare management. I'm excited that you are interested in the field.

I encourage you to supplement your health administration coursework with additional business classes, particularly in accounting and finance. Understanding the financials of a healthcare organization is a necessary part of the job.

If your class schedule allows, I suggest finding a part-time position in the business office of a hospital or other healthcare facility, such as a health center, board of health, or doctor's office. You can also volunteer - that's how I got my first job.

My best advice is to get as much hands on experience as you can working in various healthcare environments. Education and credentials are important, but any experience you can gain while you're in school will make you a stronger job candidate when you graduate. Happy to answer any other questions you have.

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Nia’s Answer


Healthcare Management is a 4 year degree. If you are currently working around healthcare then some schools will give you experience credits and/or allow you to submit a portfolio for credits. But traditionally it's a 4 year degree

Currently pursuing a BS in HCM as well, good luck