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What is the difference between lvn and rn?


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Wayne’s Answer

An Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) have similar duties when it comes to patient care. However, there are also some major differences. For instance, one thing that separates the two careers is that RNs work independently in many areas, whereas working as an LVN requires doing so under the supervision of either a doctor or an RN.

Registered Nurses can do all of the following:
Dispense medication to a patient and give him or her treatments.
Document the medical history and symptoms of a patient and coordinate plans for the care of a patient.
Do diagnostic testing and analyze the results.
Advise patients on management of illnesses following treatment.
Consult with doctors, as well as other health care professionals.
Supervise LVNs, home care aids, and nursing aids.

Licensed Vocational Nurses can do all of the following tasks:
Provide patients with basic nursing and medical care, such as inserting catheters, changing bandages, and checking blood pressure.
Make efforts to make a patient comfortable, such as bathing and dressing a patient.
Talk over a patient’s health care with him or her.
Keep records on the patients, and report how the patient is doing to a RN and/or a doctor.
An experienced and licensed LVN can supervise and manage fellow LVNs or medical staff that is unlicensed.