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Do most dermatologist have private practices?

I know that some do but I didn’t know if a lot have private practices. Some might be in the hospital too. #medicine

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Brooke’s Answer

Most dermatologists are not in a hospital setting, but are in an out-patient clinic. It is up to the individual doctor if they work in private practice or under a system in their clinic. There are certainly perks to both options.

Private practice:
Pro: Able to manage practice and be your own boss, freedom to practice how you choose, opportunity to increase salary depending on how much you are willing to work
Con: Must manage all your own finances, overhead, insurance, hiring/paying office staff (more responsibility for the success of your practice)

Under another system (basically the opposite of above):
Pro: Less responsibility with running your own business and managing your own finances
Con: You are not your own boss- work under administration