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how much money do you make

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2 answers

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Jack’s Answer

The amount of money depends on what you do the were you work and how good you are. After school you would start a the low end $12.00 to $15.00 . After 50 years in the business as and average chef i became the operations director at a hospital making $70,000. i see jobs out there chefs over 100K and as low as 45K so there is a big difference

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Dada’s Answer

Money that you make entirely depends the kind of role you are part in the kitchen ....
The numbers can vary wildly depending on factors like restaurant size, price range, turnover rates, location, and more. The restaurant profit margin for fast food quick service restaurants is higher than a full service restaurant because they tend to need less staff, use less expensive ingredients (more frozen and pre-prepared items), and have a higher turnover rate than a full service restaurant.

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