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How would I go about getting internships for a field I am interested in?

I am a sophomore in high school. My career interests are in management and administration and finance. I am in honors classes and have little work experiences. #career-options

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2 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

Searching the Internet is a great start to find internships and using sites like LinkedIn, Handshake, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter can result in a lot of great opportunities. If your High School has a Guidance Counselor, they can also be a great resource to guide you.

Then there's the old school route of literally going to different local businesses in your surrounding area to see if they offer internships or if they would be open to giving you some real hands-on experience. Be prepared to work for free as some businesses/organizations don't offer paid internships. However, the experience can prove more valuable than any paycheck could offer!

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Dakayla’s Answer

Hello Mateusz. You should look online to see what internships are available. You should also speak with your advisor about finding internships.