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How do I become a skydiving instructor?

Where can I go to become one.#skydiving

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1 answer

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Joseph’s Answer

Wow, that's an interesting career choice!

Often, for these sorts of extreme sports things, it's less about qualifications, and more about experience. You'll need to learn to skydive solo first, and build up experience making many dives yourself. Once you've got the experience, there might also be a course or rating you need to get before you're allowed to take someone with you. There might also be medical requirements if you want to do it commercially as a job.

I presume you've at least had a go at skydiving to decide it might be a job for you, so I guess the best thing to do would be to ask the instructor you did your first jumps with how they how they became an instructor, and what experience and ratings they had to get.

Joseph recommends the following next steps:

Ask your instructor how they became an instructor
Check the requirements on the FAA website or any governing bodies for the sport