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How to get into Real Estate?

I have always been intrigued when the topic of Real Estate comes up because it sounds interesting and I know a lot of people make good money off it. What do I need to learn now to get me into that field when am out of high school. #business

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2 answers

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Liuv’s Answer

Honestly I would ask for advice. My mother would always tell me, the one that doesn't listen to advice won't make it to his old age. I would ask a couple real estate agents, couple that have years doing it and others just starting out and pick their brains.

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Ross’s Answer

Get licensed in your state.
Choose a brokerage.
Join the National Association of Realtors.
Find a path to get training.
Create a business plan.
Build your business using your contacts.
Develop your professional image.
Be ready to meet your first client.