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what are the uses of painting in our daily life

intrested in painting

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3 answers

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Sarah’s Answer

In Daily Life, painting can be used in different formats, there is house painting the outside and inside of walls, there are crafts, there is traditional media forms, oil paint, acrylic, water color, gouache, all used on different kids of services, wood, panel, canvas, paper. Then there are forms of painting that isn't "painting" such as using sand, chalk, mixed media to create imagery, using house paint in a different way. Painting though is a form of expression, which i believe you know if you have the interest-painting allows the use of experimentation of colors, liquids like linseed to help spread it around, the oil base paint. Also in exploration, the use of painting allows painter and audience to communicate subject matter of importance, ideas, desires, interests without having to explain your needs. As I wrote all this I find it still hard to explain, because the use of painting is varied, depending on what you need. What do you want to paint, why are you interested, what else do you want to do with it. Color? Form? Expression? These are easy yet hard to answer.

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Misty’s Answer

I am not quite sure that I understand what you mean by "uses in our daily life" however I will say that for me, painting is something that is very personal and therapeutic. It is like a journal on a large scale and with more beautiful sentiment and colors. I also feel that painting allows us to put our own spin on things in that if you take two people and give them the same assignment to paint, you are going to come out with two different interpretations of what the model is. It is so expressive. There is no wrong way to do it, there are so many things that it can be good for, and it can also create a mood in that if you want a certain mood in a room, painting would be a way to go as you could paint it any color you like.

Hope that is at least some way helpful.

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Manish’s Answer

Painting is not just a passion for people, it has become a great domain to build a career in as well.

Depending on the kind of painting you are into, you can search for a market to sell your creations, or even take up projects as a free lancer, to work for organisations.

some of my friends work as a part time designer and interior decorator, for small offices and food joints, designing and decorating their work places and earning good enough side incomes.