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Erika C. Apr 01, 2014 1510 views

Is it stressful to be a tattoo artist? Or, what is mandatory to know to be a tattoo artist?

I am asking this because I am deeply in love with art #art...


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Nicquela R. Apr 10, 2015 1995 views

Do most doctors have to donate blood?

I've heard that getting tattoos prevent you from donating blood, so I was just curious to whether or not doctors are expected to donate blood. Or if doctors are even aloud to get tattoos because of the professional work place? #doctor #health #experience...


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famina F. May 13, 2016 640 views

How do I become a photographer?

I know little to nothing about photography but want to begin to learn. #photography #photoshop #art...


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Emily D. May 15, 2016 458 views

With better cancer medications available, is a career in radiation therapy a good career to get into or is it slowing down?

I am starting college in the fall for pre-radiation therapy. Getting into a radiation therapy program is very difficult as they only take 7 student. So, I know that they are not graduating many therapists per year. Also, there are only 2 universities in my state that even offer the program....

#cancer-research #medicine #radiation #therapy #cancer #healthcare #oncology

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Michelle R. May 20, 2016 789 views

Does having a tattoo really make it difficult for someone to practice medicine?Or is that just a bias opinion due to the bad reputation of tattoos in general?

I personally love tattoos. I do not have one, however thinking of getting a meaningful one soon. YET I always hear from teachers and adults how having "ink" ruin or hinder my chance of having a good career. Even with these warnings I have seen many nurses and doctors with a tattoo. #doctor...

#nurse #paramedic

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Sara G. May 22, 2016 768 views

What can someone do with an art major?

I am very interested in visual art like painting, drawing, and photography. I am not sure I could get a good paying job though. #art #photography #arts #art-college...


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Cristian G. May 25, 2016 3645 views

In an interview for a profession, will you get asked if you have any tattoos?

I'm a chemical engineering student in my senior year. I don't know many people who work in a profession such as engineering or business, but, is it common for those big corporations to ask you if you any tattoos? #college #engineering #career #engineer #interviews #hire...


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j S. May 30, 2016 5584 views

what are the uses of painting in our daily life

intrested in...

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Brendan M. Aug 11, 2016 2429 views

Would a Graphic Design degree be a feesible option for someone interested in comic/ graphic novel art ?

I am trying to decide what degree options would suit my interests best. #art...


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Erika K. Oct 23, 2016 534 views

What is the most fulfilling experience you can gain from working in the medical career field?

I am a high school senior and I want to know if medicine is the right path for me. #medicine #japan #doctor #healthcare...


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Kianna S. Jan 09, 2017 653 views

What careers should I be looking into?

I like to draw, and paint, and other crafty things. I looked at a couple of questions, and thought about working at a art gallery, but I'm not sure. I'm super confused on what I want to do in life, and need some help right away. I'm thinking along the lines of teaching, but also something that...

#career-choice #career-path #classroom #organization #arts-and-crafts

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Destiny A. Feb 08, 2017 538 views

Do you have to change your original appearance to be a model?

Hey my name is destiny and I like being myself. I know change is good, but I like my own hair and I don't want to cut it ! #modeling #model #fashion...


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josiah L. May 12, 2017 516 views

Where do you go to school to be a policeman.

Because i would like to be a policeman....


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Kassi H. May 18, 2017 433 views

do I need a certain technique for painting?

because I love painting but i wouldn't say that i have a technique...