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Describe your relationship with your clients.

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Susan’s Answer

I am a sales person selling technology and have been for many years. As far as managing the client /customer relationship, one of the best skills to continue to work on is listening. It is so vitally important to have a good grasp on your client their needs, goals, and challenges that they face both professionally and personally. Knowing this information is so very vital to knowing how you are best able position your products and/or services to them. Truly believing in your products and/or services is very important as this is inherently conveyed through your interaction with all of your clients. Always try to help them look good within their company and role. You need to convince them that you are their true advocate and you are there to help them achieve their goals. It is important to communicate well with them, even to the point of over communication. Be attentive, prompt and empathetic to their needs, remember you are the customer advocate for your organization.