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what did you enjoy most about medical/nursing school?

I'm in highschool. I really want to know more about the medical path before i'm really set on it?.

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2 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

I enjoyed college, but I medical school was really exciting for me because I saw it as finally getting to train for my dream job. Medical school is very challenging and requires a tremendous amount of studying, especially in the first 2 years. However, the 3rd and 4th years are clinical and mainly in the hospital and clinics. The answer to our question would be that I enjoyed third year of medical school most. Introduction into the practice of medicine was fun for me.

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Pauline J.’s Answer

Medical school required a lot of studying and left not much time to socialize especially during the school year. I did have so much fun while in class because I made new friends who I studied with, traveled with and many of them became life time friends. We went through rigorous work together so we had to make it more fun by including some socials, even if it just meant going for hikes together.
Getting to medical school is half the of the hurdle. It is not easy to get in. Most medical students have been good students since they were in Kindergarten. Studying a lot in med school then was expected and I was ready. Having that frame of mind made it easier. I had more fun when we started clinical work which was in the last 2 years. Seeing patients and learning about diseases hammered down for me at least, the fact that this was what I wanted to do.