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I am in 9th grade and what will I be in the future?

I am a freshman and I haven't thought about what I want to be but, I will find out what I want to be in high school and when I find out I will either find out when I am a junior or a senior. So I will think about and find out what I want to be in the future. #high-school

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3 answers

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Heather’s Answer

I like this question since it is hard to know where one will be in the future but there are ways now for you to explore possibilities for your future. The best way is to just talk to people who might be doing things you think you might like to give you more information. Friends, parents, neighbors, teachers, or anyone you interact with are good sources of information to just ask what they do, how do they like it and how did they get that job.

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Kelly’s Answer

It is great that you are thinking ahead, but remember to be flexible. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was 17, and I am in a very different career field now. I didn't jump around too often, but being flexible and embracing change in direction as I started my career very much helped me in the long run. Ensure you are learning "the basics" - finance, economics, accounting.... plus some science and liberal arts. While you are learning the fundamentals, those subjects that are relevant to every career, dig into things that interest you, and see if you can put those together. I have technology and finance in my background. Having both of those pieces really helps me do my job well.

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Tiffany’s Answer

I think this is so good that you are thinking about what you want to do once you grow up. Always remember the sky is the limit, I would suggest starting with your family and asking the adults in your life what they and find out if it would be possible to shadow them on their jobs. I think this activity will help you find out what you like and dislike.