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i want to become a book publishing?what i want to learn please guide me

hi! i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #professional

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1 answer

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Suman Deva’s Answer

  1. Register the business and obtain a business permit from your city

  2. Set up your office with computer, printer, phone, fax and supplies. Dedicated phone and fax lines are encouraged, and your office is best located in an area away from distractions and noise if located in your home.

  3. Purchase a domain name and web hosting package from a hosting provider, preferably one with online store features.

  4. Purchase business cards, stationery, brochures and other marketing aids from your local printer. Be sure to include your web and email address on all printed matter.

  5. Set up seller accounts with online retail book merchants, and make a list of physical book stores and distributors found online.

  6. Consult a publishing attorney to draft contracts between you and the author. Electronic contracts are preferred, as they will allow customization and printing as needed.

  7. Join The Association of book publishers . These organizations offer a wealth of information for publishers, and provide help and guidance in copyright law, marketing, statistics and other valuable information.

  8. Market your services to authors through writing websites, publications and by other means to solicit manuscripts. When you find one you like, contact the author, and begin contract negotiations and finalization.

  9. Purchase an International Standard Book Number for the title you will publish. ISBN numbers are required for books sold at retail

  10. Secure a local or online printer who specializes in book printing and place an order.

  11. List the book on retail sites, and contact retailers and distributors to interest them in your book